Diy garage door opener cheap , reliable and easy

You will need a[Xiaomi Aqara Two-way Relay ]

And a [H3BA-N8H Relay ]

First you need toSet your relay to “H” mode

Then you have to pair the xiaomi dual relay zigbee with smartthings : Just plug the switch to 110v and go to the classic smartthings app and start finding devices it will be automatically apear there and you won’t need to add any protocol or device handler it will be recognized as a “Zigbee Switch Power” or in case of not you can just set it up as a Zigbee Switch Power that come in default in the smartthings ide.

Now you have to wire the Xiaomi and the Relay in this way
and connect to your garage door controller board, set the Relay to seconds and put it in 2 sec or in the time you want the Relay to be released in my case 2s is enough for my garage door.