How can i make garage door opener with xiaomi door sensor and plug?

Im already use my own system. I broke an old remote and delet it the remote button and hard-solder. Now when i give energy its start working then i set automation and when thr plug start working its close the plug like press the button. Then i buy smart plug and door sensor from xiaomi and i tested its works well but i have a problem. Now i see in smartthings app plug and door sensor seperatly but i want to combine this thing like a one garage door product. And i wantto click garage door icon and i want to see door sensor info like garage door icon in same place like garage door product but i dont know how. And the other problem if this problem soved can i use in new smartthing app becouse i want to use new one. Already thanks a lot. Im waiting your ideas have a nice ideas.:smiley:

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Hi @Can_Sarac,

Unfortunately SmartThings doesn’t do this anymore.
I had done the same as you a long time ago and had the remote and sensor in one. But now you can’t do that now. All you can do is have a ST Multi setup as the sensor on the door to measure door orientation, hack the existing garage remote or wire the Linear relay to the push button port on the garage door and change its attribute in the IDE to momentary button and have a cut off smart plug to kill the power to the garage door opener when not needed. What you can do to automate your plug and the remote control is setup a routine in WebCore to push the remote button a few seconds after the smart plug is turned on. I have this now.

My Old post: (Will update over Thanks Giving.)

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Hi Imosenko thanks for your answer and also give your time i will research your link but i think i cant use realy actually i dont know what is this think. Im leaving in eu. And eu garage doors havent got wire connection area. But i saw american models have that.I think (if im wrong pls changed) this relays connect with wires but eu models garage door buttons are on motherboard so i use garage door remote.

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There should be an EU rated z-wave relay which you can use to control your garage door opener. I believe that there is a EU or at least UK authorized z-wave relay by Fibro.