Aqara Two Way Relay - Does it work with ST?

Hello everyone.

Do anyone manage to find or create a Device Handler for the Aqara Two Way Relay?

I found a repository with many devices and could add my Aqara Button and Motion Sensor, but couldn’t find the Aqara Relay :frowning: GitHub - bspranger/Xiaomi: my Xiaomi Device Handlers for Smartthings

You can try this dth:

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Many thanks Andrew, but it didn’t work

I added the two codes “Main” and “Child” in My Device Handlers.

It still recognised as ZigBee Switch Power and not XIAOMI something…

I can manage to turn on and off channel 1, but channel 2 doesn’t appear…

Hello all, I confirm that Aqara Two Way Relay works as Zigbee Repeater/Extender for Xiaomi Aqara devices!

This is one more motivation to develop an specific DH for it. Would appreciate a lot if someone could help!

A Aqara Button routing to Relay first then routing to the hub :slight_smile::
[This Device (0B3A) ]↔ [ZigBee Switch Power (6EB4) ]↔ [SmartThings Hub]

Some more info:
Data * zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

  • application: 01
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: LUMI
  • model: lumi.relay.c2acn01

Sorry, I’m new here. It is possible to add the both relay in Smarthing Hub with this configuration? Where i use them? Or it is some specs to create a two way relay DH?