ZigBee Garage Door Control

Just a post for fun.
The Chamberlain MyQ I purchased didn’t work with my opener so I spent a few days building a ZigBee door controller.
Works great. Now I need to make a better PCB.
Also considering a couple of ultrasonic sensors to sense car presence.


or you could just get a smart outlet, plug in a transformer that puts out 12 volts. Get a $5 standard automotive relay and wire it so that when the outlet is on it closes the relay contacts. The wires from the relay are attached to the garage door opener where the switch wires go in.

What happens it that evertime the outlet is powered it cycles the door the other other way. If the door is up it cycles it down and if it is down it opens it. The only issue is that you would have to turn the outlet off in order to turn it on again and start the process over to make the door go the other way.

Two approaches.
1: electronics/computer enthusiast
2: automation enthusiast.