Distinguish between two ovens for Google Voice control

Trying to determine how to distinguish between ovens while using voice commands with Google Home. They’re both connected and called different things, (wall oven vs range/range oven) but only one will respond to voice commands. thinking there has to be an obvious thing I’m missing.

These are Samsung brand ovens? What model numbers?

Yep, both Samsung ovens. Model numbers are NV51T5511SS/AA (Wall oven, electric. The one that I can’t get to respond to Google voice commands) and NX60T8311SS/AA (Gas range/oven. Can operate with voice commands). Thanks for the reply!

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They both work with the SmartThings app? It’s just the voice commands that don’t work?

Yep. Both are connected and I can control it from the app. It just always assumes I mean the range oven.

I have no idea what I’m talking about here, I’m just making some guesses based on previous experience diagnosing weird issues… Have you tried renaming the one that doesn’t work to a completely different name, like “zebra,“ and seeing if that works?

Google does make some guesses about what kind of devices are which based on their names.

So again, I have no idea if this would work, but if it does, it would be an easy fix so it might be worth trying while you’re waiting for someone who’s better informed to answer. :thinking:

I will try that, easy enough! Thanks!

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Hey there! @Melissa_C I’m sorry to hear that you having issues controlling one of the devices using voice commands.

I completely agree with @JDRoberts suggestion of changing the name of the device to something extremely specific to see if you are then able to access the voice commands for that device.

You could also change the name of the one working with voice commands temporarily and update the one that didn’t respond to voice commands to its name to see if was having an issue of where when you would use a voice command like “turn oven” it was defaulting to your Main oven. I have also seen users place the device in a room that uses the device’s name so for example, a room named Electric oven with the electric oven as the only device in the room should clear up any confusion between the two devices you own.

These are just some suggestions to try, let me know if you still have issues after the name change and I’d be happy to look into your concerns further.

I hope this message finds you well!


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