Discreet and mountable power supply for GLEDOPTO DC12-24V RGB+CCT/rgbw Zigbee smart LED strip Controller?

I am looking to get the GLEDOPTO DC12-24V RGB+CCT/rgbw Zigbee smart LED strip Controller.

One of my requirements is a low-profile (discreet) power supply that I can mount behind the cupboard. Plus I need to strip the power wire that would go into the wall socket and wire it into a junction box instead. For that I was hoping to get a power supply like this, but I don’t know if this one would be good enough.

Is this a good match? My doubts lie mostly around Watts and Amperes.

Thanks! P.

The answer depends highly on the LED strip you plan to use with the controller. You need to make sure the power supply has more power available than the LED strip will draw (preferably at least 20% more). I’d choose the LED strip first, then choose a power supply that exceeds the draw of that strip in the length you plan on using.

A lot of RBGCCT LED strips draw 20-30 watts / meter, and typically come in 5m lengths. The power supply you linked is only 20 watts and would only be suitable for a very short section of a low power LED strip.

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Thanks for this. I plan to use the authentic Phillips HUE ones.

When you say I should choose a power supply that exceeds the draw, do you mean in Watts or Amperes? What about voltage?

  • Considering that the Phillips power adaptor for their LED Zigbee controllers have the following specs: https://imgur.com/a/xR7uqKD
  • And considering that I only plan to use between 1m to 2m MAX

Would you say that I am on the right track?

I’m confused, the Phillips HUE LED strips have an integrated zigbee controller and come with a power supply AFAIK. That’s why they cost so much. The Gledopto zigbee controller you linked is for adding smart control to cheap dumb LED strips. If you’re planning to use HUE strips you shouldn’t need either item you linked.

Both/either. Most LED strips list the draw in both watts and amps, sometimes per meter and sometimes the total of the whole LED strip. If they only list one, and you’re shopping for power supplies that only list the other one, you need to convert to the same units. For DC current the formula for amperage is I (A) = P (W) / V (V), so 20W at 24V is 0.83A, just like the pic of the power supply. If using a 12v strip that’s also 20W it would be 1.67A.

Let me explain.

The Phillips power supply is stupid. Why? because the plug that goes in the socket is attached into the power adaptor, rather than coming from a lead. I need a lead because I don’t have a power socket, but a junction box. The idea would be to cut the power plug away a wire the lead into the junction box.

On top of that, I would like to have something that is pretty low profile and that can be elegantly mounted on the cupboard away from view, rather than having to to tape some stupid power brick like these ones. The power adaptor I linked in the original post seems to be perfect for such purpose.

As far as I can tell from browsing Amazon and the HUE website, Philips in all their might only sell their controller with their asinine power adaptor and 2 metre of LED stripe.

What I need is TWO SETS (one for each side of the kitchen) of:

  • 1m of LED stripe;
  • a discrete power adaptor that have leads at both ends, like I explained above; and
  • a Zigbee controller.

Honestly it puzzles me how Phillips can be so short-sighted not to sell items individually, and for not having alternative power supplies.

Going back to the power supply I listed in the original post, they have other models with different power output. Would you say some of the options there would work for the Gledopto and the Phillips 1 metre LED stripe?

Ok, seems like you have a couple options. One is to buy a pair of HUE strips, toss the HUE power supplies, and use two of the power supply you linked instead. Should work fine since it has the same specs as the HUE power supply.

Another would be to use different controllers (Gledopto, Fibaro, etc.) connected to dumb RGBCCT LED strips and power supplies that matches those strips. You’d likely need more powerful power supplies since most LED strips have a higher LED density and brighter LED’s than HUE strips.

If you buy HUE strips, there’s no need to get the Gledopto controllers. Most of what you’re paying for with the HUE strip system is their controller which can color match with their bulbs perfectly. Best analogy I can come up with off the top of my head is buying a luxury car just to use the floor mats and taking the rest of the car to the junkyard.

That’s great. I might do that. As for the leftovers:

  • The pack come with 2 metre LED stripes. I need less than that. Not to worry, I will cut it and sell the rest on eBay (I can see lots of posts about people rewiring cut-outs)
  • I will probably sell the power supplies on eBay as I won’t need them.

I will probably need a cable with a DC jack to connect each power adaptor to a Phillips controller. Does anyone know the specs for the DC plug?

As a bonus I am thinking of adding a wire switch to each adaptor. But I would like to add them between the power adaptor and the junction boxes, not between the power adaptors and the controllers.