Single color led strip light controller

I have some single color (3000K white) two conductor led strip lights. Would love to control on/off/brightness with SmartThings. I found a thread describing RGBW controllers, which I could try to use in a pinch. But a controller that goes in line with the 12v or 24v power seems much simpler.

Does anybody know of one?

Ikea Tradfri LED driver. But only 24v.
Available as 10w and 30w.
Unusual plug for the LED strip. You may need to cannibalise an Ikea Vagdal cable.

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Gledopto led controllers.Get PRO models only. They work with 12, 24, 36, 48 and 54V.

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Thanks to both of you.

Ideally what I want is something that goes inline in the power supply, like this:

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 5.19.55 PM

But I can only find “dumb” ones, or ones with Alexa/Google/IFTTT integration, but not Zigbee/Z-Wave or SmartThings ones. It looks like I’ll have to get an RGB one and adapt it somehow.

Actually, here’s what I need at Ali Express:

But “the item is no longer available,” and it’s a brand name I’d never heard of (YSRSAI).

This alternative pops up when I use your link.

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An RGBWW controller has a separate white channel and should work fine. As was mentioned, Gledopto makes some Zigbee ones.

Well I was all set to buy the Gledopto Pro, but … it would take 11 days to get here. So I ordered this BTF-LIGHTING single color Zigbee 3.0 controller instead. I think BTF-LIGHTING is a good brand, although the Gledopto Pro seemed higher quality.

Usually it’s next day delivery on Amazon

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is this safe to use with led strips.
I have 12 vol. 6 meters led strip that is 72 wat total?
Can controllers like this make demages like fire?

Short answer: yes.

The item linked to in that post says it has the following certificates:

  • Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC

If you are concerned about fire safety, as I am (I am a wheelchair user, so I tend to be a little oversensitive on that issue.), you want something that has been independently tested by UL, ETL, or TUV.

FAQ: Does UL Certification matter?

And if you’re concerned about fire safety, you probably don’t want to buy from AliExpress. The prices there are great, but they do have a problem with counterfeits and people selling defective returns as new. Many of the larger brands, including Chinese brands like xioami, won’t honor warrantees for items purchased on AliExpress for that reason.

Not everybody feels the same way, of course. Many people feel that the dollar savings they get are worth it. So your choice.