Discovering my device without a hub.(Using Smarthings classic app)

I am trying to “discover” my device(A WiFi based Light switch) and make it available for sending commands and receiving responses through the Smarthings cloud.
I do not have a hub and am assuming that you can discover my device(proprietary device) using the Classic App.

Please let me know if this is possible and any pointers that might help, thank you.

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Hi. Without an ST hub how are you expecting to use the ST Cloud.
As for your device, your app is associated with the hub, so without one I can’t see any way of discovering any sort of device. WiFi or any other type.


Gotta have a hub of some kind to use devices with the Classic app. The new app also supports the Samsung TVs and appliances without a hub. But other devices require a hub of some kind (v2, v3, Sheild Link, Samsung WiFi router/hub combo, etc).
You an add cloud devices through smartapps and the IDE but not through discovery. That only finds local devices with your hub.

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Thank you for all the inputs.