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Discontinuation of MyQ Connect Community SmartApp

Wow. Not being a user of this, but this sets a very disturbing policy. Instead of fixing the app, blocking it.

Sure it probably violated my q TOS. But if it’s open, then St should allow it. My q should shut it down not St.

This is a very slippery slope. So much for an open platform. Guess this is the start of the guard rails?


I don’t think that MyQ/Chamberlain is where the issue lies. I believe that ST doesn’t want to pay for the API access.

I think you are right about the era of ‘guard rails’ is here!. They have been whining for a while that this integration is resource intensive.

BTW, thanks for asking Robert and Alex for the local processing and pressuring to get a concrete answer…

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I don’t think (at least I sure hope) that ST didn’t shut down the code on their side. To me it sounded like @copyninja withdrew the app so that new forum members weren’t confused when it didn’t work. He left it available on his GitHub.

I know it’s all in humor but alexa works better than I imagined through the outside wall. :slight_smile: So I can see how this could be an issue. They still should at least give us the option at least if we want to ignore the risk.

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Have you seen @N8XD’s project video where it adds the additional security layer? Pretty neat, Although I’m not sure how secure it is yelling your password either - I would probably use it for a garage door (Door to the house from garage kept locked)

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Where one door closes another opens. More reason everything should be local. Someone should just spin up a rPi and a node.js relay.

Send a command to the rPi and have the rPi open/close the door via their api.

If ST shuts down the connection outbound, you can always get around it locally. At least until Chamberlain starts blocking all ips.

If Chamberlain would have just implemented a proper API, this wouldn’t be an issue.

And if ST had proper error logging and the ability to stop an app after it gets x errors and warn the user.

Wonder what will be next?


Well at least I can still use homebridge for this in a pinch :slight_smile:

I know many are dissapointed. I am too. Please don’t add salt to the wound. MyQ is the one shutting it down, not SmartThings. This thread is just to announce that it doesnt work anymore.

Perhaps @brbeaird will take up this challenge like he did with RainMachine.

This is the exact reason that everything isn’t efficient.

I withdrew it because of this thread.


Thanks for letting us know Jody. I appreciate that. I am, however, pretty frustrated by this. I don’t understand how getting a partnership for this has taken so long and is STILL not ready to go. People have been asking for this for quite a while and it has always been said that ST is working on it.

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Just pure speculation here, but it might also be a problem where ST is ready and willing for an integration but Chamberlain isn’t.

From my experience based on a few products I am trying to get integrated with smartthings before release, a lot of manufacturer’s have this weird notion that everything should only be controllable by their own platform and software and hate the idea of it integrating with other things since they view it as providing an added benefit for someone else. It’s mainly an issue I am seeing with older manufacturers of systems that are recently getting smart additions. ITS A GENERAL PAIN IN THE PROVERBIAL ASS.

As an example, we currently have a Z-Wave enabled product that’s ready to ship at the end of the month, but the manufacturer doesn’t have proper device handlers for smartthings. I have requested some documentation to make it ourselves but so far I am jumping through loops… pretty massive ones. I might end up having to reverse engineer the commands. The additional problem is most of the people in charge of the department, or represent the departments that add these smart addtions themselves don’t understand a lot of how they work. So they stick to what they know or what their IT guys tell them. :sob:


The main reason I don’t see how this applies here is MyQ is already officially integrated with Wink.I don’t see why ST can’t get the same deal.

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This is very important to my setup, not good news! Two questions, and I am afraid to even ask the first one as I hope if it is an over thought someone doesn’t go back and fix it.

  1. For those of us who use this app for lets say, another brand (different IP), will that also be discontinued?

  2. What is the TENTATIVE date for the official SmartApp?

Ok, didn’t know that.

Can be any number of reasons at this point. Issues with the ST platform itself, or Chamberlain requires something in return from ST which ST cannot provide, or maybe even an internal exclusivity agreement (or as I call them the anti-innovation agreement), who knows but the way Chamberlain proceeded with the discontinuation was atrocious. Atleast a few days warning should have been given; waking up one morning to find my Garage doors not working is not something I would look forward to.

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No Tentative dates as of yet. In terms of the different IP’s I have no idea, hopefully someone else does.

It’s the battle of egos. The game of I-can-control-you-but-you cannot-control-me game. AKA I have bigger balls than you. If companies would lower their egos, we would have the interoperability that HA needs, until then we need to deal with fragmented platforms before one company grows its biggest balls and every other company would want to join the club.

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For the same reasons they ‘cannot’ get Nest integration, because they refuse to play their game… I rub your back if you rub mine.


Possibly… but this blew up previously quite some time ago. Perhaps Chamberlain is simply annoyed at this point. Clearly SmartThings is incapable of working with them for whatever reason.

So a bunch of folks are using SmartThings for unauthorized access to their system, in violation of their terms of service (yes, I read them). What would you do if it was your system being affected under these circumstances?

Well, from my point of view it looks like there is a fairly significant user base that is using it, so it’s always courteous to provide some warning or notice, primarily providing enough time for people actually to be aware of it and at least switch everything over.

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Agree with this point. Not sure why they couldn’t open up an IFTTT channel or something similar. Instead of running high pole rates they could just trigger on an event (open, close, light) and then they allow for the openness we are looking for but by their rules. This one seems to fall evenly on both companies, at least IMO.