Disabling activity log entry each time a command is called

Whenever a smartapp calls a command in a device code, ST automatically makes an entry in the Device Activity log that XXX smartApp send command XXX to the device.

Is there any way to stop ST from inserting those messages?

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That’s a good question. I assume you are referring to the “Recently” tab on the device details?

I don’t think there is a way to suppress this from the SmartApp. When invoking a command on a device, the only option supported is the delay option; there isn’t anything to suppress updating the Recently tab.

Of course, someone else cleverer than myself may have found a way, I’m just not aware of it from my look at the code and talking with engineering.

Thanks for the update. Couple of questions

  1. Why the need for logging command in the first place? If the device is taking an action it should log the activity but logging calling a command seems like a debugging feature. Maybe it should show up in live login instead? Some feedback for the engg team. There are some apps which poll every few minutes. This inundates the device log needlessly and one loses the actual messages posted by the device.
  2. Is there any doc about the delay in the command. I think I missed this and want to learn more about this
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