Question about logs

Just a quick question: What is the difference between APP_COMMAND, COMMAND, and DEVICE entries in the log?

I ask because I’m having issues with the lights turning on shortly after we go to bed each evening. The only entries in the log around that time are “DEVICE” entries noting the bulb’s hue, saturation etc., which seem like they wouldn’t cause the lights to turn on. But I want to confirm that.


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I wonder if this is in the Documentation … Oh well, I’ll take a guess and maybe somebody will confirm:

  • APP_COMMAND is a call to one of the Device’s Command (on, off, etc.) from a SmartApp the SmartThings mobile App.
  • COMMAND is a Command execution triggered by a SmartApp…
  • DEVICE is some other Event from the Device … See next post.

OK… that’s a really sloppy guess. If I (or someone?) gets a chance and is using a Device and SmartApps they know the behavior of, watch the logs when doing specific actions and see what filter is applicable.

Why do you think these would not cause the lights to turn on? Many lights do not allow changing their settings without also having a “turn-on” side effect.


It is documented under the API Reference for Event.source