Disable contact sensor in multipurpose sensor or remove from alarm system?

I’d like to use the multipurpose sensor for just the temperature in a room. Is it possible to disable the contact functionality or remove it from the alarm system? Or should I just tape them together?

I’m turning a fan on in my server closet when it gets to a certain temperature. I don’t want my alarm to fire when I am set as HOME and I open the server door.


If you are ONLY using it for a temperature sensor mount them “together/closed” elsewhere where they don’t separate or open/ close … on a wall or back of door - together / closed.

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Dang that’s a bit of an annoying solution. What if someone wanted to add a mailbox sensor like I’ve seen examples off. Wouldn’t that set off your alarm when the mail was delivered? There must be a way to remove sensors from setting off alarm right?

If you go into the Smart Home Monitor settings, and select Security, you will see the option you are looking for. Turn off “Use every open/close and motion sensor” and then manually select which sensors you would like to be used by SHM (not including the one in your server closet).

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Awesome, thanks for the help. App is a bit difficult to find everything in for me. :slight_smile:

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i just want the multi sensor to tell me my door is open after a time like 1 minute but can only appear to have it tell me its open very annoying

its ok guys i found it its in the smart home monitor on the first screen doh!