Direct Connection using RPI?

Hello - I posted this issue/question in the announcement post regarding the direct connection SDK, but haven’t gotten any response, so re-posting here in hopes that someone can respond:

  1. I want to create a Raspberry Pi-based device and use the direct connection SDK. Will using the POSIX environment version of the core code work on a PI running Raspbian version 8 (jessie)? Are there any further customizations needed in the POSIX BSP files to make this work?

    -In the main core SDK readme file, it talks about an option to test in a POSIX environment, but it includes this statement below which I don’t understand, and makes it sound like it wouldn’t be fully functional:

    But, unlike the resource limited MCU devices, you can NOT check the onboarding process in the POSIX environment because it does not support a SoftAP function by default.

    • What does this mean and does it even apply to what I want to do?
  1. Pending responses to the above, I’ve gone ahead and followed the SDK instructions to successfully create the example app. But when I run it, I get the following errors and st_conn_start fails with a timeout error.

E [IoT]: _iot_security_be_bsp_fs_load_from_nv(121) > iot_bsp_fs_open(./WifiProvStatus) = -16

E [IoT]: _iot_nv_io_storage(126) > iot_security_storage_read = -1200

  • What is this “WifiProvStatus” file that seems to be required?
  • Is the storage read error related or a separate problem? BTW, error code -1200 is not to be found in iot_error.h
  1. Lastly, a comment on the SDK documentation: You need to add the pre-req of pynacl and qrcode libraries to your instructions. The keygen readme file lists pynacl alright, but qrcode needs to be stated there as well.
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