Dimmer switch turning off

I installed a bunch of dimmer switches, motion sensors, and a door switch in my house. I have been having a problem with my kitchen lights turning off in the evening. They are set to turn on/ off with a motion sensor. And they tune off after no motion is sensed. This code operates two different switches in the kitchen. One of the lights randomly turn off and won’t turn back on unless you tap on the kitchen door. I have no code that connects the kitchen lights to the door sensor. I deleted all the automation that I had and it still does it. I got webcore and coded it in webcore and still have the issue with this one switch. Last night I paused the webcore automation , had no other automation saved and it still did it. The other light stayed on with out any issue but the one light turns off and won’t come on unless you tap on the kitchen door or turn on the switch in the app. I can’t figure it out and my wife wants me to take all the automation stuff away because of this one light!

It’s possible that the dimmer switch is malfunctioning. I had a similar situation in my home until I replaced the switch.

I’m wondering if any of that behaviour could be explained by the door sensor and the switch having a direct binding via a Z-Wave association or something similar in Zigbee. However I don’t know if that sort of thing could be configured inadvertently.

Interesting thought. The switch is z wave and the door sensor is the smartthings. Maybe I’ll run a network repair and see what happens.

Seems like you have a rouge automation. Goto the lights device tab in the Classic SmartApp and goto the “Recent Tab”. There you can see what triggered the light to turn off/on…Also, you can goto the “SmartApp” tab and see what SmartApps are associated with that device.

You should be able to find the rouge App that’s given you troubles…

but isn’t the smartthings sensor zigbee?