Dimmer Switch - Can't Change Icon

I have a GE Z-Wave dimmer and the icon shows up as a plugin. I have changed the icon but after I change it and save it goes back to the plug icon. Is this a bug? Is there another way to change it besides using the app? I am using the android app.


I have the same bug with both my GE Z-wave dimmer module and appliance module (basically the same thing, but on/off only). I use iOS. I did send a message to support about it. They said there are some issues with changing device icons (not all devices, it seems) and they were working on it.

You might want to report it to for them to judge impact.

I have the same issue with one of my switches. Evidently, they’re working on it…but it’s been several days and it’s still a gremlin.

Same here. I thought it was just another bug in the app. Guess it’s bigger than that.

Hi folks I put in a report ticket two days ago and got a reply back that it’s a known issue and they’re still working on it. Don’t hesitate to put in a ticket it always helps to keep focused on the issue

Yea, this isn’t new, it’s been a reported issue since day 1 with the V2 app.

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Looks like this issue has been fixed. I was able to assign new icons to all of my devices and have them save properly.

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