Dimmer 2 problem

Can anyone advise? I have connected a dimmer 2 to a toggle switch. As far as I can see its connected correctly. I have installed custom device (thanks for the code!)

However in the off position I get dim bulbs. That includes off on the app.

I am running 6 x LEDs they are 3W each so only 18W. I note it should run min 25w?

Can I just check before I order the Fibaro dimmer module that its defo the issue?

Many thanks!!!

Hmm, ok so I changed the bulbs to non LED and did a calibration and its working as expected now. Hey ho looks like I answered my own question. I assume the dimmer module they sell is just a resistor?

The “accessory” to make LED lamps work? I always assumed the same as you. Had a dimmer like that once and dumped it: no need for yet more “phantom” power consumption for no benefit…