Zwave switch with no neutral

Hello! It’s been a year or so since I’ve been looking for products, and it looks like a lot has changed. I’m looking for zwave non-dimming non-deco light switches without a neutral (2 conductor), both 2-way and 3-way. I googled it, but am having trouble finding what I need. Any leads?

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Non decora? But why? :smiley:

My house was built in 1908. The wiring was redone in the 70s. None of the switches are deco.

There are a few models of no neutral Z wave rocker switches, and one older GE toggle switch, but all of these work only with incandescents, not LEDs.

In the last year there have also been several in wall micros introduced from different brands which do not require a neutral wire, although you may need to add a bypass device to make them work with LEDs. Anyway, you can use those with any style switch you like and the newest ones can be installed right behind the switch. :sunglasses:

See the FAQ. The post about the micros is towards the very end.

If you are willing to use an in wall micro rather than an all-in-one switch, both the Aeotec nano dimmer and The Fibaro dimmer can do this, although you may need to buy and install an additional quote bypass“ piece if the LED load does not reach 20 W.

Nano switches in the JB and keep the regular toggles as manual control, maybe?


JDRoberts, thank you for the information in your post. The thread you pointed me to was quite valuable too.

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I’ve been struggling finding information about the bypass device. I don’t find it when I google. Would someone please point me in the right direction?

The Fibaro bypass? For the UK or the US?

US. Non-dimming.

The bypass device is only available for use with the dimmer. It can’t be used with the relay because of the difference in how they work mechanically.

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JDRoberts, thanks! I found some wiring diagrams and it now makes sense to me why you’re right.

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