GE z-wave dimmer if switch is at end of circuit?

I believe this can’t be done as I’d originally planned but thought I’d asked before returning the GE dimmer back to store where I purchased. I was going to install it to dim my LED ceiling light but the instruction says neutral is required. However, the house had this light switch installed where the switch is at end of circuit and only 12/2 romex wire like in attached picture I found online. Is there any workaround as I can’t pull another wire for the neutral unless I tear up the ceiling or other brand zwave dimmers to try?

No workaround that is safe.

If the lights are incandescent or cfl this should work.

Possibly put a micro switch in the light box. Then wire switch to it. Turns it into a 3 way, switch on Wall still works by telling micro to turn on light.
There’s several choices below is just one example.

Thanks, I’ll have to take a look at that as an option. If it requires some effort, we may just leave the existing Lutron Maestro MIR-600THW dimmer as is since we’ve been using it’s remote just fine the past few years to control LED can lights even though it wasn’t meant to support LED bulbs.

Hopefully, in the future a manufacturer will come up with a zwave dimmer product for the no neutral wire scenarios as there are at least 3 circuits in my house wired this way…

Half of mine also don’t have a neutral - I have three GE switches I bought that I can’t use. Oddly the wiring thats original to the house had neutrals but the newer wiring did not - they were connected much likes yours.

Don’t hold your breath. Since NEC 2011 requires neutrals at all points of access, even the ones sold now will probably disappear.

Looks to be some effort with the micro dimmer modules so we’ll stick with the existing maestro dimmer even though it’s an extra remote just for those LED lights. Thanks all for the feedback.