Question about GE z-wave dimmer & led bulbs

This isn’t so much a SmartThings specific question as it is about GE z-wave dimmers, but I didn’t have a better place to ask. For some reason, when I install led bulbs into a fixture controlled by a GE z-wave dimmer, one of the bulbs stays just slightly turned on even when the switch is off. I’m assuming this is because a small amount of current needs to be going through the switch to power the z-wave module, and that is somehow lighting up the bulb? Whatever the cause is, does anyone know how to fix it?

I believe the first generation was for incandscent bulbs only? The part number starts with 4 and I think they do not require a neutral wire. The LED/CFL version is 12724, and these require a neutral wire.

I have GE dimmers and Commercial Electric and Sylvania LED bulbs all over my house and on two rooms, I see funky behavior like flashing when turns off, and one light not coming on right away. Same setup in other rooms, no issues. It’s a total mystery.

I installed GE Z-wave dimmers in several rooms of our house this weekend. I already had GE LED Connect bulbs and HUE white bulbs in all of the fixtures prior to the switch. Once I powered everything back on, all of the bulbs were unreachable. I removed them from the HUE app but they were not detectable any longer. Is there a difference in how the bulbs behave behind the z-wave switches or should it be the same as behind the standard non z-wave non-dimmer switches?

Can you find the part number on the dimmer? What happens if you rotate bulbs around?

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There is a lot of variation in the quality of the bulbs from the manufacture. I have the Costco Feits all over my house, but a few buzz when dimming off. Had to to move them to on/off only switches.

I don’t think the z-wave bulbs are dimmable. Technically almost impossible as they need always-on power for z-wave/zigbee communication. You need regular LED dimmable lights.

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That is quite correct.

If the bulb is smart, then the in-line switch must not be a dimmer. You must use a non-in-line switch (like a Aeon Minimote, or various ZigBee battery powered devices).

You can use a non-dimmer in-line switch (smart or dumb), but this provides very little value as you should “never” cut power to a smart bulb via the power circuit.