Dimmable BR30 LEDs that dim to a low level?

I have the GE Z-wave 12724 dimmer paired with 65w equivalent Brighton (Staples) BR30 LEDs. At the lowest dim level (1%), these are still very bright.

Does anyone have a recommendation for BR30 LED bulbs that dim to a very low brightness, preferably that can achieve that brightness level with the 12724?

The GE dimmer is the problem, unfortunately. I experienced the same thing when I first got SmartThings. They’re not designed for LEDs. You’ll need either a newer dimmer or use a connected bulb.

Any recommendations?

I use the GE dimmer with Commercial Electric LED Trims and am able to use low lit settings. Granted in one of my rooms, if I try with a low lit setting anything under 10% it takes awhile for them to come on, especially the last one (15-30 seconds). In other rooms, same amount of lights, don’t have that issue.