Commercial Electric LED Recessed Trim Kits and supported dimmer

I just picked up 18 Commercial Electric LED recessed trim kits from Home Depot. The 2 pack is only $23 so this was a good opportunity to LED-ify all my recessed lights. Anyway, in 3 of my rooms with GE ZWave dimmers, they all work great. In my my kitchen, one light seems to stay lit even if I power off the GE dimmer. First I thought it was a bad light and disconnected it and then the problem moved to another light. According to their site, they only support a handful of dimmers and the only one that is home automated is the Lutron Caseta which isn’t supported by ST. Any ideas?? This appears to be more of a power issue than a Home Automated one.

I know Commercial Electric has smart LED trim kits, but I am not interested in spending $25 a can X 6 and just want to use my GE ZWave dimmer. I am also not looking to buy a wink or Lutron hub just for my kitchen. I might grab a Linear ZWave dimmer as I know those support LED and maybe I’ll have better luck.

Weird behavior. I swapped out the first bulb that was problematic and it seems ok for now. I also can just get a regular ZWave switch and ditch the dimmer idea.

Which ge dimmer? The new ones should be ok, the older ones will certainly do this.

Hmmm…in today’s install I believe the 3 rooms had the old GE’s but before that my other room has the new one. I’m seeing a little funkiness such as one light comes on before the others and having to press the on button twice to power the lights once in awhile. Perhaps I should switch the old GE dimmers with new ones? I am not sure if I have neutrals in those boxes either…

No neutrals, no leds essentially.

But yes. The old dimmers/switches don’t support LEDs.

Thanks. I’ll see if they act up going forward and go from there.

I continued to see weird behavior with the old GE zwave dimmers and for good reason since they didn’t support LED lights. I swapped them out for the newer GE ZWave dimmers with the neutral wire and they now seem to be ok.

On a second note, I used the replace functional in Smartthings and was very impressed with how easy it was! Unplugged the old GE ZWave switches, put new ones in, hit replace, it automatically sensed the old ones were no longer on the zwave network and an unpaired it and then detected the new one was on the ZWave network and did the swap automatically. No redoing of Smartapps or any device configurations.

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