Dim lights gradually?

I’ve been looking for a way to have lights dim gradually for when we need to go to bed in the house. Is there a smartapp, or some way have to lights go from “Whatever dim-level it is at now” to something else like “40%” dimness over a period of time.

Right now the only thing I have is a routine that just throws the lights on and dims them to the needed %, but that is a very rough transition from normal brightness to dimness in the living room, a gradual way would be much better.

You can set the dim rate in the edit device under things, that has it dim over a couple seconds ( better for light’s health) rather than an instant change. I think you want it to dim over a few minutes, which would require a custom app I assume.

I dont see a spot where you can set the dim rate?

Check out this app:


The only problem with this is when I assign a light to a momentary switch, routines do not shut the lights off.

Under things, select the dimmable light or dimmer you want to adjust. Then click on the 3 dots in the top right and then edit device .

I am using the Hue Connect and Hue Lights. I do not have that.

For what device type are these settings? I am using “Dimmer Switch” for GE12724 and the only options I see are to change name and icon (icon actually does not work).

I have a few dimmers and none have that as an option, what devicetype are you using?

I just noticed… in the settings for my device with “GE Link Bulb” device type I do have the options for setting the dim rate as shown above.

I have it on my GE bulbs, Cree bulbs and Leviton dimmers ( both wall and module) . So I assumed it was standard on all dimmers. I make no claims about Hue .