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I have a STH version sth-eth-200 and I just purchased another one for my rental house since they are on sale. The one I got in today is sth-eth-250. Does anyone know what the difference is between the 200 and 250?

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I think it was mentioned in the dev channel that they just have a new manufacturer for the hub.

Thanks. I searched for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I will just go with that. I noticed that the LED only has one hole instead of the three on the 200 hub.

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Yeah, there may be some small hardware changes but I’m not sure. Maybe @Tyler knows…

That’s correct. Same product with some slight manufacturing changes.


Thank you for getting back with me :slight_smile:

Looks like the updated the presence sensor as well.

I have two of them but one (older) is STSS-PRES-001 and the other (new one) is STS-PRS-250. The newer one pair with device type “Arrival Sensor HA” while the old one paired as “Arrival Sensor”. The new one seems to be updating more frequently I am seeing battery status being log every 20 seconds.

Is there anything that describes what was changed between STH-ETH-200 and STH-ETH-250? Was it only cosmetic stuff or were there any substantive hardware changes (I’m not counting the LED light change as substantive).

I notice the packaging on the STH-ETH-250 model says it’s Zigbee certified whereas the STH-ETH-200 packaging does not. I realize this could only be a packaging thing but, of course, this could also reflect some hardware changes too?

All versions of the SmartThings hubs have been zigbee-certified. They may just have chosen to emphasize it more on the box. :sunglasses:


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