Android 1.7.6 - Release Notes - 08/27/2015

Any word on what is included in this release?

It says “Bug Fixes and improvements” that wasn’t clear enough :smile:

This is on of my pet peeves. I hate apps that only says this in “What’s New”

Of course it is bug fixes and improvements, what else could it be ?

I am sure there will be a post here listing the improvements soon.

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My #1 pet peeve with Android apps. I understand that the developers don’t have a whole lot of room in the description to go over specifics, but at the very least you’d figure that the information – even if it’s just a simple changelog – would be made available on the website.

In the case of Smartthings, we know that there are “a few” items that warrant fixing, so it would be extremely beneficial to the community as a whole if a list of these actual bugs were fixed.

I take the boilerplate “bug fixes and improvements” to mean that they don’t give a damn about whether you want to see what was actually changed (which I would imagine that everyone does) and you should just take their word for it and upgrade anyway.

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I’ve brought this up twice with the iOS releases wanting the same thing, first time got results but they slid back the next release, which I complained again and never heard back. They already have a list of changes made, clean it up and throw it in the whats new section, not a big ask. They would benefit from it too, letting users know what to expect from the update instead letting them get excited only to be disappointed. Also in the end it’s a dead simple thing to do that separates you from all the lazy developers/project managers in the app store that can’t put in a few extra minutes.

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