Did anyone get the Securifi SZ-ESW01 outlets to work with Smarthings V2?

Hey Navat604, thanks for helping. It wasn’t showing anything under devices, hubs, location for some reason until i clicked on the other tabs a few times and then everything showed up. Now the rest of the instructions make sense.

Unfortunately when i put the sz-esw01 in pairing mode, it still doesn’t show up as a “thing” under devices.

I reset the unit by holding the “join/leave” button while plugging into receptacle for 4 seconds and let go, then green led blinks twice. I also have the “hub” for Rogers Smart Home Monitoring searching for devices and it sees the smart plug, but it doesn’t show up in smartthings.com devices page. Anything else I should try?

Got it paired now using the device handler code from ph4r. Thanks.

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I tried the dth above, is anyone getting power report from this peanut plug? I don’t really need it but I can use the info if it does :slight_smile:


No luck here either.

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