Using Securify Contact & Motion sensors with SmartThings

I am trying to integrate Securifi Motion Sensors and Door/Windows Sensors with SmartThings.

  • ZigBee Motion Sensor Model No. SZ-PIR02
  • ZigBee Door Window Sensor Model No.SZ-DWS02

So far, the SmartThings hub recognizes the ZigBee devices but categorizes them as “Thing” without any functionality. I tried changing the Device Type to Motion Sensor or Motion Capable without success. Any tips how to get these working?

I am also interested in the Securifi Sensor support, as I am ready to move on from my Almond+. I saw a thread about the Keyfob being actively worked, but am still looking for information on the Door & Motion sensors.

Just updating this thread because i have the same issue. Want to re-purpose my Securifi contact sensor with Smartthings but having the same result…comes up as “Thing” with no functionality,

These need a custom device type. Fortunately one of the community members has created one and shared it.

Begin by reading the following FAQ on using custom types:

Then go to the device type thread for this model to get the actual code:

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Awesome! Got it working! Thank you very much!

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