Diagnosing presence issues with API Browser +?

I’m trying to understand the SmartThings geolocation malfunctions. I specify that I have a virtual button for each phone to be able to see it in the app. My wife’s hasn’t been working all day, so I looked from Browser+ . It doesn’t seem possible to see the history, but only the current state, both of the phone device and of the virtual device I created, is it possible or am I doing something wrong?

OnePlus il device

Vale ST device virtuale created with TAustin drive

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I certainly don’t see any history for the actual mobile presence devices. I don’t have any trouble seeing it for the virtual presence devices that I use as a mirror, provided that there has been any activitiy in the last seven days.


This clarification therefore makes me think that for more than 7 days the virtual device has not changed state. Thanks, every time this happens I have to remove and put the geolocation back on In my wife’s phone app. Frustrating because her phone based routines shut down but I have no other solution. Thanks

I’ve had a similar experience every time the app updates for a couple of years now with my phone not having problems. However for the last two or three updates the situation has been reversed and it has been my phone that has the problems. It only takes me a minute to fix if I have my laptop on, but it is a bit tedious.

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Exactly, now that you make me think, in my wife’s Oneplus9 it happens with every app update, in my Pixel 7 Pro PR luck not. To fix I always need to be able to access her phone.
How can you from the laptop?
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Well I still have to disable and reenable the Location in the mobile app, but I build Rules from text files on my laptop so I can quickly replace the device ID and rebuild.

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