Location history for new app?

I’m getting some really annoying bugs where my house keeps thinking nobody is at home and setting the alarm. I think it’s because the location on our phones keep randomly showing away, even when they’re at home.

Is there a way to see event history of the location device? I used to be able to just click on it in the old app, and see all previous state changes, but I can’t find it in the new app. Can anybody help me find it please?!

You’ve checked “History” found under the overflow / hamburger menu?

I can’t see any phone location events in there from what I can tell… Neither mine or my housemates phone appears in the last 24 hours when we have left and arrived several times. Is that where it should be?

Also curiously there is no history at all between 1pm and 8pm, but based on the number of events I see in history, I guess it just stopped logging things for a few hours… Though phone arrival/departure has happened outside those times and is not visible either.

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Thanks, I can tell if home or away through webcore now, but that doesn’t show much history.

From the links above it seems there is no history as there is no way to make the devices appear in the app?

If I look in the IDE I can see the two phones, and both have a type of ‘placeholder’ which I assume it’s a default from the app…? However despite this, there are no events linked to these devices in the IDE (events page on IDE for these devices are blank).

Have I got to change something somewhere to get the devices to appear, and hopefully history aswell therefore??

Go into the IDE and create a Simulated Presence Sensor. Then use webCoRE to change its status based on your physical phones status.

I will say that the New App is flaky when it comes to Member Location…(well more than that but…:weary:) Same phone below but and the Classic App logs arriving and departing events way more accurately…

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That’s a good solution, thanks for the hint.

I do find it mind blowing how much functionality has been lost in the new app

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That history Brad mentioned in the hamburger app does show events from automations, they are just difficult to find with all the other events. I hide all my devices to make it easier to see when the Somebody’s Home or Nobody’s home routine is triggered, you just can’t tell who triggered it. If you add automations for when individuals arrive or leave you could see that as well.

Geofencing does seem flaky, particularly when firing complex automations. I did two things that mitigated (though not solved) presence for me and my wife’s phone:

  • I increased the size of my geofence radius - this seemed to reduce the number of false exits
  • I registered my WiFi base stations location with SkyHook location services - this may be voodoo as Apple allegedly dropped SkyHook, but it seems to help.
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