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(Jessica) #429

I need to be able to control my five ceiling fans individually through my SmartThings HUB. Three are currently controlled solely by remote controls and two have an on/of switch on the wall with light and fan speed controlled by dangle cables.

Technical support has got nothing. HELP!

(Mark) #430

This topic has a lot of posts in it but look above and you’ll see this was actually addressed here somewhat recently. Take a look at the other topic that’s mentioned for a fan/light control that uses zigbee and is hopefully available from Home Depot soon.


How about Aeon labs Double Micro Switch and Smart Switch 6.

(Mark) #432

Those should work with ST. The double switch might need a community-developed device handler, I know that in-wall relays from other brands tend to need that to work. But the smart switch should pair as a generic z-wave switch.


Thanks for the advice. Where can I get the device handler for the Double? I
got the handler for the 6 from git hub but I still can’t get it to load a
Smart App. I’m new to this but enjoying learning. I have a tech background.

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(Mark) #434

There are several posts in this forum about dual relays, I don’t remember if any are for the aeotec dual relay specifically. But look at some of the handlers written by @erocm1231 as a starting point to see if any will work for you.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean but there’s a difference between device handlers and smartapps. So that may be the issue you’re describing? This post discusses custom code in ST if you want to learn more.

If you have more questions about your situation feel free to take it to another topic. This one’s supposed to be limited to discussion re: devices that aren’t supported by ST at all.


Thanks Mark! I will check this out and also use another topic,

Roger H Proulx II
*General Contractor *
CSLB# 805883
15152C Campus Park Drive
Moorpark, CA 93021

#436 has a great controller that works well with all brands of remote IR controlled air conditioners see their video at

(Christopher Filip) #437

This is one I am interested in. I have not purchased them yet,but I am planning on buying two.

(Jeff) #438

Lutron Caseta has pretty cool Sonos integration with the Pico remotes for audio, and they have remote holders that fit into standard wall plates.

(Raymond Comfort) #439

I need an input that will accept a dry contact closure. I have tried the MIMO and the MIMO2 and have had no luck on the input side even with their device handlers.

I just found Aeon Labs Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 but Smartthings doesn’t support it.

This a major issue of not having an input device. Anyone know how to get around this


I would ask in some of the Mimolite threads to see if you can figure out what’s going on there.

As far as the Aeotec contact device, it reports as an open/close binary sensor so it can definitely be used with SmartThings as a generic door sensor.

There are some community members who have customized the device type handler to reverse what is reported as “open”. You can see that work in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

(John Lee) #441

It works well. I am using them for to read a old alarm system with relay, a yard light with a relay and a heating boiler with a relay. So I have 3 at each of two locations. Set up is under open /closed sensors is this weeks version of Smart things as a Aeotec Dor/Window Sensor (Gen 5) mostly all z wave things work but only one function. Also using 4 Fibaro Door Window sensors which have connections so it can be used a a dry contact sensor and is much smaller FGK 101 -107. I use the Mimolite for a momentary switch on a garage door and a automatic Gate but use a dry contact sensor with a garage door armored door magnetic switch to sensor the gate and on the Garage door I use the positon function on a Smart things door switch and that shows up as a garage door in the APP. Anything not a Samsung part takes some messing around and when setting thing up you do it and walk away wait a few hours and the server will figure it out. The Z wave things are funny about getting them to join. I am up to 87 Devices on 2 hubs in 2 countries

(Ron Talley) #442

Motion Detector for Outdoors?

(Jeff) #443

I have an iDevices outdoor 2 outlet plug that I would love to have available within Smartthings but I haven’t seen any integration yet. It does have Homekit compatibility but I don’t use that much.

  • Uk compatible doorbell
  • affordable speaker for notifications ($50-ish)
  • external motion sensor



edit: @JDRoberts correctly pointed out that Aeon doesn’t recommend using the Gen5 MultiSensor as an outdoor motion sensor. Due to the way that PIR sensors work they’re inherently poor at detecting motion in outdoor environments. If you were to use it you might see lots of false positives. If you have an outdoor area that’s sectioned off you may find some use in it, but otherwise we can’t recommend any outdoor motion sensors at this time.

(Mark) #446

Hi @Tyler, do you anticipate any updates on whether we’ll have official support for the centralite keypad (or any other) in the near future? It’s been about a year since you mentioned this was in progress (in another thread). Thanks.

(Ron Talley) #447

(Mark) #448

I’ve seen that smartapp, thanks. I can use the keypad to arm/disarm SHM, it has a functioning device handler. But ST staff have said in the past they won’t roll out delayed arming of SHM until there’s an officially supported keypad.