Devices Stopped Responding (26 March 2024)

ah, I thought that was the setting to update the hub. my mistake! But after removing the battery and rebooting the hub it looks like the hub is starting to pick up some of my zigbee sensors.

thank you so much @johnconstantelo @JDRoberts


Seems like the app is working as normal. Device status and history show properly and devices respond normally!


I had just started a support chat and was explaining the issue to the rep when I saw the update to this thread that things were working again. Happy to say all my motion sensors are now responding correctly and so are my IKEA buttons.


I did open a support ticket, but, mine seem to be working again as well.


I’m dealing with some random issues today, started yesterday, not sure if it’s related to what’s reported here.

Zwave network suddenly got flaky.

One of my switches shows offline but turns on when switched through the app. Can’t turn it off as a device, but can though a routine that controls it.

All of my Zooz leak sensors are slow to respond. One is showing offline though it reports wet when activated.

Zwave repair is not running without error. Last run showed my Fibaro smart implant (which is mains powered) failed to update.

Still having issues here. Is everyone else’s resolved?

Sorry to hear, that sucks! Mine was resolved on its own that evening … similar to others. However, I don’t what caused the problem and what solved it! It was very frustrating. Wish we could get more answers from ST about this!

It’s this very reason why some people are jumping from this platform!

Thanks for the reply. Now I understand why they’ve jumped ship. Oddly enough, out of 3 Smartthings hubs I have in different locations (same models), only one has gone completely haywire with disconnecting Zigbee devices. Hopefully it gets resolved.

I had the same problem. I unplugged my ATC SmartThings, three hub and after a little bit plugged back in and it worked just fine. Well, it worked OK. It actually got a little better overtime.