Devices Showing Offline

We’ve seen it’s the displayed values in the app but we’re not sure why.
In the backend (API) you can see the values of the attributes are NOT turning into null (being deleted), the last known value remains.
The only problem is the plugin, that’s why going back to the main page solves the issue. The data is still there and we’re not losing any new data, so integrations are not broken.
We could say that the issue is in the UI, I don’t have the exact details but I already pinged the team again.

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Thanks @nayelyz . So it isn’t a change in the architecture, but a bug that will be fixed. :+1:

My last hope is that it is diagnostic code that escaped into the wild, as it just seems like something that has to be engineered.

A refresh emitting the supportedValues are ignored by the app for custom capabilities too.

It has been working fine for so long, and it can still break! Is there any kind of unit testing at all?

This last mobile update was rough, it broke many things related to custom capabilities, even on iOS.

Hi @nayelyz ,
Any update regarding refresh issue?

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Not yet, sorry. I already pinged the team again to see if they have any feedback.

Lol, have we not learned by now that this is the Smartthings way? :wink:

Hi @nayelyz

If there is at least an understanding how the refresh issue and the issue with supportedValues are going to be fixed and whether any changes would be required from community drivers, I would very much appreciate the feedback you could share.
It is about a month left to GA.

The refresh issue is solved in the newest version of the app (89), I just tested it and this dev confirmed as well:

The same happens with the supportedValues issue:

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Thanks, @nayelyz

Seems to be fixed, even though I needed to delete and create controller, as custom capabilities were showing a broken cloud