Refresh Not Working with Edge

Swipe to refresh does not appear to work on some of my LAN devices. The devices are implementing the refresh capability but are not getting a refresh event in the driver. Has anyone else seen this? Testing with the Android app.

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Hi @blueyetisoftware

It not works for me with Zwave devices and fine with zigbee and LAN.
I also use Android App.
Those same devices Zwave with another phone and another previous version of the App makes the refresh good.

From the Refresh command works fine

I have multiple LAN drivers. One works as expected, one doesn’t refresh at all. Both tested with the Android app, so I don’t believe it is the app. I think it is in the driver stack somewhere as the events are not even delivered to the driver.

Indeed the refresh command does not reach the driver, but from and other version of the app it does reach the same driver

The working driver was packaged and deployed weeks ago. Maybe it is related to recently packaged drivers. Just guessing at this point.

Hi! Have you checked if it works on It would be helpful having this reference

How do you trigger a device refresh through the website?

indeed, as @Mariano_Colmenarejo shared above, the Refresh capability appears as another tile considering his presentation defined is a pushButton display :smiley:
Thanks, Mariano!

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I’ve narrowed this down a bit. It isn’t effecting ALL devices in the driver, only the devices that are in the Light/RemoteController category. Motion sensors, hubs, etc are receiving the event. My Light/RemoteController devices do not have this additional refresh tile. The other devices do have the additional tile.

It should appear there, otherwise, it seems it’s not included in the device presentation, can you share the VID (presentationId) of those devices? This value is shown in the API (devices list)

That’s the issue. Refresh needs to be added to the custom vid. The working devices are using stock presentations. Thank you. Glad it is a simple fix.