Offline Edge Device not Switching State

I am testing some disconnect logic in a LAN driver. The device is being put offline on purpose and the driver is calling device:offline(). The device is not being updated in the ST UI. It is also still showing as online in the site. I have verified that the code is running. Just not sure why it isn’t updating the UI.

When you query the device’s health through the API, does it have the “offline” state?

It is ONLINE. I checked via the IDE but didn’t call the API directly. I believe that IDE uses the API though.

I’ve seen it didn’t show the info in the API every time, even for DTH-backed devices, it wasn’t helpful sometimes to verify the value of a capability.
Also, remember that Edge devices aren’t fully supported there.
So, in this case, it is weird that despite sending device:offline(), the device is still online, is this still happening?

Yes. It is happening for all of my LAN drivers. I can’t get anything to show offline.

I have no issue with device:online() or device:offiline() for LAN driver.

Does the mobile app show offline (broken cloud) for the offline device?

No. That is the issue I am reporting. I mark the device offline and the UI doesn’t update reflecting that.

Did the problem go away for you? I recently tested a couple of my LAN Edge devices and specifically tested online/offline and they worked for me - fairly quick update in the mobile (android) and web app.

This has started working. No specific changes on my end. Just started working one day.