Devices showing in New app but not classic and can't remove

Extremely frustating issue. I removed my LIFX lights from the new app because they were giving me issues and it appeared like it worked. I check the classic app and they’re all gone. However, in the new app 3 of the LIFX devices remain. If i try to delete them it just gives me a toast notification that says “failed”

When i log into the IDE, those 3 devices don’t show either under My Devices. How can I remove these 3 devices so i can re-add my LIFX devices again? BTW, 1 of the 3 devices is a duplicate of another one of the three. Extremely annoyed.

Sign out of the new app and sign back in. See if that resolves the issue. If not, report back :slight_smile:

Next option, in the new app, click on the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) choose settings (the cogwheel) and open connected services. If lifx is listed there, remove the connection.

Nope didn’t work and now another LIFX light got added back on and doesnt work and can’t be deleted… :dizzy_face:

Also i already removed LIFX from the connected services.

Seeing one new thing though, when i click the automatically added light it says “to use all features of this light, an add-on needs to be downloaded” i didnt click the download button but it didnt pick up all my lifx lights (i have 10), it only picked up 3 and 1 duplicate.

LIFX connected service is disconnected, they dont appear in the ide and they dont appear in the classic app and I can’t remove them.

Have you checked in IDE to see if you have more than one Location.

Yep. Only one location. I think I’ve done literally every troubleshooting step i can think of at this point.

I think I will recommend contacting ST support. Unless someone else has suggestions for you. As always, let the forum know if you get it resolved.

Thanks i will contact them and yes i will update here if they resolve it.

Did you get a response from ST in regards to deleting LIFX bulbs? I have three that keep showing up and I have 8 lights that were re-added using the new LIFX device protocol that work perfectly. I am experiencing a similar problem in that I can not delete the 3 duplicate bulbs… The message I get is “A network or server error occurred . Try again later”

Ok so what they ended up doing is removing the duplicate lights from the cloud themselves. If you contact them they should be able to do the same for you.

Same issue with new app making ghost devices. I have a ticket in to support.