Devices randomly going offline

During the past couple of days, I have experienced several of my battery-powered Zigbee and Z-wave devices randomly going offline. The battery power is between 65% and 80%. I have not seen any recent Samsung support issue notifications. Eventually most of them come back online but a few are still offline. I have rebooted my v3 hub but that does not really seem to make any difference. Has anyone else seen these issues the past couple of days? Thanks.

Stange things going on with ST. Still have random devices going offline and then back on hours later. Now I noticed that one of my automations that turns on the kitchen light early in the morning was no longer working so I checked it in ST and the entire automation was GONE. Device history shows it was working up until 2 days ago and then it just disappeared. Been running my home automation devices and automation for 6 months and everything worked well once I got it all correctly setup but now…

There was another user that reported most of his z-wave and some zigbee devices were offline.

Contact ST support and report the issue and let them investigate.