Smart Lighting automations not loading in new app "Processing..."

When I try to open the Smart Lighting app in the SmartApps section of the SmartThings (not classic) app, it briefly flashes a “server not responding” type message and then hangs up displaying “Processing…”
My Smart Lighting automations are functional, I just can’t access the automations in the “new” SmartThings app. Although I don’t use the Classic app anymore I still have it on my phone and I can still access the individual Smart Lighting automations in Classic. Should I be able to access them in the new SmartThings app? I have lost track of what’s migrating and what isn’t but I thought the Smart Lighting SmartApp migrated. Is something broken? Thanks.

Are you able to access other apps in the Smartapps section?

I’m having the same issue. Other smartapps are working fine.

Brand and model of the devices in those rules?

That’s a good question. I have three SmartApps in my list: Left It Open, Smart Lighting, and SmartThings Home Monitor. Only SmartThings Home Monitor will open. This is on SmartThings app ver 1.7.44-21 on Android 9.

A separate issue that I bring up in case it is connected and provides a clue:
Half the time when I open the SmartThings app the SmartThings Home Monitor status box on the app home screen says “Server error” and displays a “Refresh” box that, when clicked, makes the server error go away and properly display the SmartThings Home Monitor status box.

This happens from time to time.

Question - do you have adguard or any malware blocking or a pihole on your home network?

In my case, I have a mix of SmartThings bulbs, IKEA bulbs and IKEA remote dimmer (5 button). The automations are working, the Smart Lighting app shows up in my SmartApps list in the SmartThings app, but it hangs up when I try to open the Smart Lighting app. Seems like a server problem. I have the same issue with the “Left it On” SmartApp and in that case I’m only using the SmartThings multi-purpose sensor (the current model).

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Guilty. I have a pi-hole. I thought of that too. It doesn’t block and when I look at the blocked queries none of them seem like they would be related to the smartthings app but I am far from an expert here. I think you’re going to tell me to try it without using the pi-hole for dns. I will try it.

Whitelist and

First one should do it

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You fixed it. I had to whitelist Thank you jkp and everyone else who replied.

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