Devices migrated to Edge but moved on IDE from “placeholder” to DTH

Hello everyone
Have a problem with 50+ Fibaro Dimmer 2 devices. All of them were migrated to Edge stock driver last year and were working fine. But unknowingly I logged into IDE 20 days ago and changed device type from “placeholder” to the DTH thinking that’s what was meant to be. Since then nothing is working. I have tried moving these devices back to placeholder in IDE but they keep switching back to DTH. At the same time, on the iOS app they still seem to suggest to be using stock edge drivers.

What can I do to “re migrate” to Edge?

Have you tried to remove all DTH you have?

How do I remove inbuilt DTH in groovy?
I don’t have any custom DTH.

start using to verify devices are still using DTH or Edge drivers. IDE is going to be shut down at some point.