Migrated Devices "switched" back to DHT?

Perhaps this is just a web (IDE) issue?
But I just finished ensuring every device was “placeholder” in the web.

After importing all the changes to various other tools (HomeBridge, SharpTools)
I see some of my device now show as “DHT” instead of “Edge”

Although they do still show as “Edge” in CLI?

All these devices, just an hour ago, showed “placeholder”

Using the App, they still function and have the “driver” option.

The IDE just isn’t reliable for anything which is using an edge driver. It can show old information. Some other people have reported that it was still saying DTH even though they knew it was a driver. It can say cloud instead of local.

I would just assume that, since it’s going away soon, it’s not going to be very reliable, particularly for edge drivers.

So use the information from the CLI instead.