Devices have disappeared with the latest update

All my devices have disappeared with the latest update. Any easy way to get them back? I am not using the “Classic” app.

check to see if you have more than one Location. click in the three bars on the upper left of the screen, at the top of the menu under your account name/email you will see the pull-down for locations.if you have more than one, report back and we can provide instructions on removing the empty one.

I don’t know your rules here on cross-posting or whatever. I have some missing devices and I’m curious if there are any suggestions on getting them back in addition to consolidating my devices back to a single location and deleting the one I no longer want.
Thanks for any assistance.

Looks like I do not have any other locations. Here is the screen shot:

I can’t put more than one image in a post, so I’ll put the screen shot of the start page in another reply.

Here is the screen shot of my start page. I don’t remember whether or not I created those rooms in the previous version of the app. Certainly I didn’t do it in the most recent version.

I also have no devices after the update. Clicking the three bars I only see the one account. I am using the classic app on my phone and that is working OK.Interestingly, when I click on “Notifications” all the devices are listed.

Did you look in the Devices section? Have you tried logging out and logging back in?

Devices section only shows the add button.