Smartthings android dashboard: almost all devices disappeared over night (no update)

I use smarthings for smart switches and temparature/humidity sensors. I have many locations and been using for over a year without issues. This morning I woke up and needed to put a switch to off, when I opened that location, almost all of the devices in this location just disappeared.


  • force quit the app and open it again
  • if android, clear the app cache
  • sign out and back in

I tried to follow those steps and the devices are still missing in this one specific location

do they appear when you login at

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No they are gone there too

Contact support and let them investigate :slight_smile:

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

already speaking with them… but doesn’t look like they can do anything about it…

that must be frustrating. if they do provide you with any info, report it to the forum.

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Same with me, right around the same day.

They’re all zigbee devices: Sengled bulbs and Sylvania switches

I just went into my hub settings via the Smartthings IDE and clicked on “update” for the channel my Zigbee radio was set to.

Everything is back.