Devices disappeared from IOS and web app but all show in IDE (April 2023)

So now, in trying to re-setup some of my devices, I re-enrolled in one particular edge channel. When I try to install a driver, the message says my hub doesn’t support edge drivers. WTF??

While the lack of acknowledgement from ST thus far is discouraging I would sit and wait for now. You may end up causing more issues.


Chiming in…
All my devices disappeared from the ST App

After re-adding the hub, I thought of the same thing. Thanks for your reply. I guess I should just sit and wait.

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I just logged on IDE. All my devices are listed. There is No Hub connected on the app nor any hub

You may want to start using SmartThings API Browser+ in place of IDE.

Mine are all gone too. Started at 9pm last evening.

I’m glad I’m not alone. I have a key old V2 hub and was like, man, did they shut me down?
But I checked and the hub isn’t retired.

I have a V2 hub. I had a status green. Decided to reboot (unplug and plug). Now the Hub stays green…then occasionally reverts to Blue

Still No devices show up

I just checked my IDE unlike some of you, I don’t see my devices there either. Only my IPhone is listed as a presence sensor and rooms listed as placeholders. No Hub, no other devices. Really bad SmartThings!

Logging into IDE. I see all my devices. No Hub is listed
It says "you dont have any hubs yet. Please use the Snartthings mobile App to claim your hub

The IDE is part of the old architecture and cannot be relied on for anything now. Information there may be old or inaccurate, so it’s not going to help in troubleshooting.

Use the new official web interface at

Or, as others have suggested, the community-created API browser Plus if you want more detailed information than the official page has.

None of that helps solve this Very frustrating problem, of course, but trying to get information from the IDE at this point is only likely to create more frustration. :disappointed_relieved:

Also, could people posting please list the model number of their hub? I’m wondering if there’s any pattern there. :thinking:


Curious if this is specific to V2 hubs? Is anyone that is seeing the issue running a V3 or Aeotec Hub? I have a V3 hub and have seen no problems.

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V2 hub here.

Also, despite how frustrating Support can be please report to


I really feel for the folks having this problem. It highlights the issue with not having a viable backup/restore function.


Same for me. All devices are there in the old web UI. No hub.

Mine is v2

I think in my case it’s all devices that are on Edge drivers that are missing.

For the the devices that do still show in the App/my.smartthings/CLI, most are offline.

Running Aeotec Hub and I am affected.

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Thanks for the info JD. As usual your info is relevant and very helpful.

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