All Z-wave and Zigbee unavailable

I have about 40 Z-wave and ZB devices in smarthings. On Sunday, every single one of those devices went to unavailable. I’ve tried removing power/battery for an hour but nothing connects.

I’ve tried calling support and seems like that has really gone downhill from a knowledge perspective.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can try/why this would happen?

Anything weird or not normal in the hub’s event log? Are the states for Zigbee and Z-wave on your hub shown as “functional”?

Nothing strange in the logs but I do show the Z-wave state as not detected

Z-Wave * State: Not detected

  • Node ID: FF
  • Suc ID: FF
  • Protocol Version: 3.83
  • Region: US

I went to enable it
Z-Wave Utilities * Z-Wave Exclude

Z-Wave module enabled

However, it still shows Not detected.

Oh no, not good. It’s time to email/call support. You could have a dead/dying hub. Sometimes keeping it off for a while may wake it up, but you already did that. Trying again won’t hurt through.

@Exvera I will take a look at your hub and see what I can find


@Kianoosh_Karami my ticket is sconnect19022600394

My theory is that it is a hardware failure. Support seems to have no idea why the z-wave radio remains not aware of itself.