Device to turn on water flow?

(Jake Kausler) #1

I am wondering if there is a device that can turn on/off the sink or shower (and control temperature) via a SmartThings switch or IFTTT. My main goal is to be able to tell my Alexa to turn on and off the shower, and probably eventually connect it to a nestia. Any ideas?

(Jason) #2

If the people using the shower like it at the same temperature, you could use a thermostatic water valve that controls the on/off and temperature seperately. Then leave it on all the tone and use a leaksmart valve on tge pipe to control the on/off.

(Jake Kausler) #3

Thanks! That helps alot!



plus a $16 24V power supply plugged into a smart receptacle could be a less expensive alternative to the Leaksmart.