Thermostat in Alexa not showing in ST

I have several Mitsubishi split flow heat pump systems. They use an app called Kumo to control on phone.
They have Alexa integration skill which shows current temp, on /off and thermostat temp control in alexa.
However, I can not get ST to find this Alexa device. I have tried connecting using all thermostats available in ST with no luck.

Any advice to help ST find this device?

It’s a mostly one way connection Ryan. You cant generally control Alexa devices and need Echo Speaks to even play music or trigger Alexa routines. You won’t be able to connect to that thermostat that way.

The onky thing you can do is some kind of IR control or if someone creates a kumo direct integration for SmartThings


Thanks for the quick response.

There is an IFTTT integration that allows changing temp up /down that I think I could use to control temp. But without reading current room temp and current thermostat setting it seems rather useless.

This is where the Alexa display would be useful, if I could get it into ST. I only need to read the values from Alexa, I think I can change with IFTTT. The values are reported to Alexa if I could just get them over to ST somehow.

Thanks again.