Device to report value

I try to explain …
I’d like to have a “device” (simulated device) to add in Ide to view in action tiles certain values.
This device should have only two property:
. value
. type of value (string, integer, decimal …)

For example:
I record time of start and stop of my heating and I calculate the minutes of operation that I save in a variable; I’d like to display this value in action tiles …

I record the number of times front door opens; I’d like to display this value in action tiles … ecc. ecc.

I’m incapable to make this, but anythings have this possibility?

Hi, there! To use a custom attribute in a SmartThings device, you need to create a Custom Capability. Unfortunately, when I added one of my devices in ActionTiles, custom capabilities were not recognized, only the stock capabilities can be selected to include them in the panel.
What you could do is:

  • Create your virtual device using stock capabilities that receive numeric values (to set the operation minutes and others), you cannot modify their labels but can be identified in the dashboard with the Device Name.
  • Create a SmartApp and subscribe to the events (heat on/off, door open/close, etc.), make the necessary calculations, and send commands to the virtual device to update its capabilities.

There’s also a post from another developer where he shared his dashboard with custom tiles:

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Well, I modified a DH (Simulated temperature sensor) and now I have a new device, “My tile value” (for number value) …

Hi, there! I see you opened a new thread about your new handler if the reply above was helpful, can you mark it as solved, please? We can keep talking there.