Write a partricular value to device


Need some help and I’ll apreciate any advice.

I want to wite a value to a device, so I can look it as a thing, and be able to see the value.

For example, I want to know how many times some motion sensor become active. With webcore, It´s easy to count it. But I dont know how to write it to a device and be able to see it in the phone app.

In particular I have Solar panels and I want to know the peak generation (kW - integer value), and the power produces during the day. I have an Aeon HEM, so I have a way to have all the values, but I want to know, media value, max and min, comparison with other month etc. Everything is easy with webcore, but I dont know the way to make it shown as a thing. (by the way, I need it to use in Actiontiles…)

Sorry about my English!



I used a ‘simulated temperature’ sensor for something similar. You can push a new numeric value to it from webcore and it will show in the smartthings app. With the default simulated temp sensor, you are limited to numeric values, but you can customize the DTH to give you more options as you need them.

Search the webcore forum for a thread called ‘webcore value tiles’, this has some examples of how to do this.

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Thanks Michael!

Pablo Domínguez C.