Smart App and exposing values in the New St app

I am working on developing a SmartApp that will count the number of times a motion sensor was triggered in a day. The result will be an integer.

What is the best way to expose this value in the New ST app? Is there a virtual device that is use for this purpose? Any other ideas appreciated.

Do you “have” to see the values in the New App? If not, this is easily done in webCoRE and can be displayed on it’s Dashboard.

You can create a custom capability with the attribute you want to show and then use the state control to create a custom presentation for your DTH which can show the value in the new app.

I don’t want to have to use webCore. I am actually using The Home Remote for displaying the value not the SmartThings app but in order for the HA to display it, the value needs to be in a device.