Device status not updating

Anyone else having issues with zwave devices (GE switches) not updating in the app? When I flip switches the electrical is working fine, but the devices are not reflecting updates in the app. This is an issue as I have on/off on switches updating variables in Core to get desired effects (fan coming on in bathroom after lights are on for 5 minutes then are turned off).

I’ve rebooted the router but so far there is no change.

Do you have device health turned on on your account? If so, try turning it off and see if that fixes the problem.

Actually I added two new switches which seems to implode. They could be controlled via zwave, yet status would not update when you interacted with the switches. I force removed and replaced them. One began working but the other was still flawed. After 2-3 force removes and new pairings I finally got it working.

Seems I always figure it out 10 minutes after I post. :grinning:

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I have a light to does not always respond or show in the app correctly. Sometimes it will not turn off with sleep routine and I have to rerun the routine to turn it off. Sometimes it does work correctly but it shows lit in the app even when I know for sure it’s off. I also have a motion sensor that has started showing motion all the time. It does not reflect no motion in the app but if I move in front of it then it will still trigger an action if ST is set to armed away or armed stay.

I think it is system related because it is not only z-wave switches having this issue on my system but the new zigbee fan device as well as my wifi H8012 devices.

Been a bear for @stephack and I to troubleshoot the new zigbee ceiling fan device handler when you can’t rely on the ST platform for consistency right now. :frowning: