Health Check not working as it should

I have three WeMo in wall switches that are responding to rules and automations and ActionTiles. In other words they work as they should in every way. But health check show them offline. Something is very wrong. I have turned it off for now. I guess I should contact support.


Now my switches are working, and when turned on from the IOS app they go on and off, but status doesn’t work in the app. Automations work but status isn’t updated. This is just a pain.

something is up… non of my presence sensors are showing up correctly when you go into “Family”. But when you go into the individual sensor then the status is correct.

What is crazy is that everything works. Status is screwed up in ActionTiles and the IOS app. But if I press the button in ActionTiles the light goes on or off and the status shows correctly. But if I turn it on form IOS status doesn’t update in IOS or ActionTiles. And the IDE shows offline. This is a real annoying problem, that keeps coming back.