So I woke up yesterday to a notification that my Hub was disconnected. None of my pistons ran overnight and the entire system was unresponsive. I went downstairs to manually reboot the hub and for some reason it decided to start working intermittently. I rebooted it anyway and some things worked and others didn’t. I had to leave for work, so I just assumed Samsung had an outage and I’d deal with it when I got home.

Things are better except I have some devices that show “HUB_DISCONNECTED” in IDE under my list of devices. They aren’t listed as “OFFLINE” and the activity shows as “a few seconds ago”.

Does anyone know what HUB_DISCONNECTED means?

The Z-Wave Repair shows a bunch of “Repair for…: Could not update neighbors” including one that doesn’t have a name, only a device ID number (11). However, ID 11 doesn’t exist?

I’m also getting “Could not delete old routes” and “Could not assign new routes” for a few of the devices. The repair finished and the same devices show “HUB_DISCONNECTED”, so no change there.

It means just that, the hub is/was disconnected perhaps at the moment a device needed to receive something back, or the device thinks it was, or the ST platform is just not playing well for some reason. In every case where I’ve had that I’ve rebooted the hub (more than once) and that status went away. Sometime it took a while, especially for battery powered devices, but it will go away assuming your hub isn’t having any issues.

You have a ghost device, which is usually caused by manually deleting a device vs. letting an exclusion process delete it normally. There are a few good discussions in the community about ghost devices you should read up on cause you may be able to clear those up on your own without emailing ST support.

Those could be the result of a very busy zwave mesh, a zwave device going bad or needed a power cycle, range issues, or a number of other things. How many devices do you have and what are they, including model and manufacturer? Are they spread around? Are you using your zwave devices when doing a repair?

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Thanks so much for your help @johnconstantelo

How do I go about finding a malfunctioning device? I’ve watched the logs and there doesn’t appear to be anything that’s “chatty”.

I’ve been having issues with this damn thing since the beginning. Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. A reboot of the hub (through IDE) resolved the HUB_DISCONNECTED portion, but now one of the devices appears as Offline and doesn’t work.

I wasn’t using the network during a repair and I don’t think my wife is home, so nothing should have been being used.

A bit about my network:

My system (hub is in the center of the basement):

4 x Linear / GoControl WD500Z-1 Dimmers
7 x Zooz Zen25 Double Plugs
9 x GE 14294 Dimmers
2 x Monoprice Recessed Door Sensors
1 x Konnected Alarm Module

1st Floor:

Master Bedroom / Bathroom

1 x GE 12722
2 x Linear / GoControl Dimmers
1 x Monoprice Recessed Door Sensor
1 x Aeon Labs Multisensor 6

Family Room:

Aeotec SmartSwtich 6ZW096


2 x Zooz Zen27 Dimmer
1 x Monoprice Recessed Door Sensor

Living Room

1 x Aeotec ZW096
1 x Zooz Zen27 Dimmer
1 x Kwikset 910


1 x Zen27 Dimmer
2 x GoControl / Linear GD00Z
1 x Kwikset 912

Almost everything I have is wired and listed as supporting beaming. But I’m constantly running into either delays, or devices that work intermittently. I’ve done repairs, reboots, removal and re-additions.

Hi @Spyderturbo007, sorry for the delayed reply. Been kind of hectic around here.

You’ve got a good number of devices capable of repeating zwave signals, so you’re 100% on target, but you could have a chatty device like your Aeotec and Zooz Zen25 devices. Depending upon the DTH you’re using and the settings for those devices the DTH let’s you tweak, anything doing real-time power and energy metering can hurt your zwave mesh, like performance and zwave repairs.

The GE’s don’t do energy reporting, so that should be a stock DTH for those, but for the others that may be using a custom DTH (I suspect the Zooz will be), make sure energy reporting isn’t crazy high. You should be able to see what those settings are in the device’s preferences. You can only get to those via the Classic app or IDE.

Thanks @johnconstantelo No worries about the delay, I’m just happy for the help.

I actually ran into an issue with the ZEN25’s and ended up having to edit their reporting. When I had people over playing pinball, the energy reporting was changing so frequently it ground the network to a halt. That only ever caused an issue when all the pinball machines were on and people were playing.

Since then, I’ve reduced the reporting interval down significantly. When they are off, they only report every 5 minutes or when there is a change of 25 watts. That almost guarantees that they only report every 5 minutes, or when the machine is turned on or off.

If I watch the log, they don’t really show up very much.

I’m just running into random issues. If I open a door 10 times, the light might come on 7 times. The other 3 times it takes 5 - 45 seconds to turn on or doesn’t turn on at all.

This morning I found my driveway and front porch lights still on. The system turned off my deck lights and household lamps correctly, but for some reason left those lights on.

Locks sometimes open right away, other times they don’t open at all or take 30 seconds. It’s just very frustrating not knowing the cause, or even if it’s normal?

Definitely not normal, and ST doesn’t make it too easy to diagnose or debug in my opinion. I use to have over 200 zwave devices, but I’ve converted to ZigBee devices. I hate to say it because it doesn’t help you out, but all those issues you’ve described are ones I use to have before converting. All those issues are now gone.

You’ve done everything I would have done in your situation. The only thing I can think of is to exclude one device at a time, run a repair, and then see what happens. If that removed device doesn’t improve things, add it back and move on to another device. Been there, done that, and it’s a PITA for sure.